The FL3X™ offers everything you have come to expect from the 3825U line in an attached mag carrier style rig, often referred to as a sidecar style, with none of the discomfort of the current offerings.

A year and a half in the making we took and eliminated all the shortcomings of an attached mag carrier style holster. With three levels of ride height adjustment and three different degrees of cant between the gun and magazine and a narrower profile than all the others making for a truly comfortable user adjustable rig. Your body doesn't stay stiff and rigid at the waist so why would you want your holster to be stiff and rigid? 


Three different ride heights

Three different cant angles between the gun and magazine (0°-7°-14°)

Built in wedge to draw the grip of the gun in

Puck on the body side for added comfort and conceal-ability

Optic ready



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