This is a rifle magazine carrier designed for hard use mounted on a "Battle Belt" or plate carrier. It can be mounted either horizontally or vertically and with its adjustable retention it will work with any magazine type for the rifle application, AR15/M4/M16, AK47, FNFAL. These magazine carriers are ambidextrous (AK and AICS variants requires mounting hardware adjustment) so if you decide rounds forward or back, left or right side, your not going to have to buy more gear just to change it up. Comes standard with MALICE clip in black or FDE. Multicam adds $10.00. 

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Aics mag

I contacted CJP custom concealment about a AICS 10 Round mag holder for my PRS matches and he went right to work on making it for me and it Worked perfectly in my PRS match I had over the weekend. Thank you again!!

927 7.62x39

I love this carrier and can't say enough good things about it. I have 3 of these for my AKM magazines. I was looking for a good carrier that accounted for the locking tabs on the magazine. This accomplishes that perfectly as well as allowing for tension adjustments to fit different styles of magazines. Out of all the AK magazine carriers I have tried this is easily the best.