Gen 2 Single IWB mag carrier with adjustable retention. The magazine can be inserted for rounds forward or back, left or right handed shooters. Comes standard with 1.5", 1.75" over belt clip, a tuckable 1.5" single belt clip, or soft loops. Multicam adds $10.00. 

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Mag carrier

Works great. Chris makes nice stuff.

Function and form

I ordered this mag caddy because I had heard that they were deep concealment caddies. I carry a glock 19 but with a glock 17 magazine with a arredondo +6 extension on it so concealment was very important to me. I have to say that it does just what I ordered it to do in that respect. I got it in Multicam because why not and it looks amazing. The only draw back to getting custom kydex is that you will wait for it, but Chris stayed in touch with me the entire time and it was right on track with what he stated on the website. If you can appreciate great quality kydex products and have the patience to see it through this is just the place for you to be!

Great holster

Fits flush in my waist band. Quality construction and great color options. Works great.

Very well thought out mag carrier

I've been using this carrier OWB for IDPA and IWB for EDC. I like the small details that went into its design. Most other mag carriers are tapered to one side at the bottom to match the magazine feed lip angle, so to switch between IWB and OWB, you have to move the mounting clip to the other side. Since this carrier is symmetrical, the magazine can be inserted in either direction. It only needs the flare for the mounting screws on one side, so the body side is flat, reducing unnecessary bulk. Also, the square bottom is friendlier to my inner thigh when I bend at the waist or squat down.

This magazine carrier is just right

I have been looking for a magazine carrier that meets all of my needs while still allowing a level of comfort. I carry a Glock 17 magazine with a +6 extension in an appendix carry. To ensure concealability while also ensuring a comfortable carry all day long, the depth of carry and the bottom geometry must be just right. The CJP Magazine Carrier gets all of that right and adds a good level of retention. This has replaced my daily magazine carrier and I couldn't be happier.