An IWB holster designed for all day comfort and conceal-ability. It has a built in wedge to help drive the grip of the gun into the belt line and a puck on the body side to increase comfort. This holster comes standard with either a 1.5" or 1.75" over belt clip. Other mounting options available are IWB Soft loops or a tuckable IWB belt clip. Multicam adds $10.00. 

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I ordered IWB holster for a 417 single ported comp glock 26, mag holder, and an OWB with bladetech level2 holster for glock 19 w/417 comp. The holsters are well made and smartly designed. The AIWB is designed in a way that is comfortable and concealable based on his design. The OWB is sturdy and well made. Chris is quick to respond to any questions before and after the order. Thanks Chris.

Excellent Concealment and Comfort

I ordered this to replace a CNC Holsters Keroman that I had for about a year. This holster immediately replaced it and the quality was obvious. Highly recommended.


I purchased a G19 lightbearing holster after a recommendation from a friend and speaking with CJP. Communication has always been quick and friendly. The integrated claw and puck make this holster the most concealable and comfortable holster I have owned. I have Bravo, Alien Gear, Raven, and Comp Tac holsters, but this is my go to. I plan to order more for other firearms. Thanks CJP.

Quality and Comfort

I ordered a G34 length with a X300UA. I specifically asked for no bump and puck on the rear of the holster so that it is more comfortable for 3 O’clock carry. I also asked for the clip to be at only a 10° angle for my preferences. Ally requests were filled and this holster is exactly what I needed for my agency 417 comped G19. Thank you CJP!

Comfortable, Concealable, and Versatile Holster for AIWB

I got the G34 length with low sweat guard and belt clip. Tons of ride height adjustment so I can comfortably conceal a comped G19 as well as my G26. The integrated "puck" and belt claw pulls the butt of the gun into my body, without the extra bulk of a foam pad or add-on wing. Perfect amount of retention. Secure enough for CCW activities while allowing for a smooth draw. Love this holster.