This Level 2 retention outside the waistband (OWB) features a minimalist design, multiple mounting options from Safariland, G-Code and Blade-Tech. Safariland SLS hood for more security.

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worth the wait

I took a minute but worth the wait, I am extremely happy with the way it came out. The fit is perfect and feels really solid, cant wait to take it to the range.

Great holster!

This holster is awesome! I had a grey one, but couldn't use it for my new job, so I went back to my black Safariland 6390 until this one arrived. I immediately felt the difference. They both have the SLS system, but the CJP has a much smoother draw, and a thinner profile. It is a very noticeable on duty and more comfortable! This is now my go to holster!

Lvl 2 holster

The holster is great quality and the multicam finish I ordered is well very well done. The turn around time was really quick. I experienced really good service and would definitely buy other products in the future

Nice Work

I ordered this for a Walther PPQ M2 9MM with a TLR-1 to go on my HD Battle belt. Solidly built and the Kydex is well finished. My fist thought when holding it is how substantial it felt, without being heavy. Turn around time was better than expected for a custom built holster for a firearm not on the standard list. While the thumb break is not as intuitive as say something from Safariland, It works well and is becoming more natural as I practice my draw. The LVL 2 Retention isn't made by Chris, but I thought it bared a mention. The level one retention with the hood retracted is fine and the pistol is held in place during some jumping and running I did. (Burpees and laps around the yard jumping kids toys, lol!) Re-holstering is smooth and the pistol drops in easily. Really well made piece of kit that is quite a bargain at the price. RLTW, BTFO,!